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Life in Uringvale has been the only one anyone here has ever known. The city is has always been what it is today. At least that is what the ledgers tell, and the history of the world apart from how it is now, has been long forgotten. The desert dystopia brings little to heir. Most people are born into their wealth, or acquire it by any means. Thieves and citizens are one in the same, notably developing the City of Thieves. 

The city itself may as well be a country, spanning nearly four hundred miles across to the parallel wall. The city is nested in thousands of miles blank and barren sands. There are nomadic tribes that roam the deserts, but there is no known holds outside of the city walls. Travelers are not known to enter or leave the city, and it is strongly discouraged by the city's makeshift governing forces. 

The city has hundreds of small factions, but are mostly governed by a small number of larger groups, that have a stronger hand in the going-ons of Uringvale. The Executioners' Guild and the Mages' Tower act together in certain aspects to further the city for good, whereas the Thieve's Den, Spur'kag's Clan, and the Legion Cult of the Cursed Nameless run the city in the shadows at times. Smaller "for hire" entities also exist, such as The Sons of the Crucible, and the Tamed Lands.

Citizens thrive and fall in multiple districts of the city. Most of the wealth retains is grounds near the Mages' Tower, with small pockets of distributed wealth near the area of the Executioners' Guild. Uringvale itself consists of mostly slums. There are market areas spread throughout, with again, the highest density near the Executioners' Guild and Mages' Tower, but also near Spur'kag's Clan, where the raiders sell their new found goods. There is a district that is completely abandoned, and strictly off limits to all forms of access.

Main Page

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